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June 29, 2012



Great post! I used to live in Austin, and I'm impressed that you went to such an authentic, old-school place like Cisco's.

Richard Ewen

As a current Austin resident and frequent visitor to Paris where I have eaten at Rice and Beans ( and Rice and Fish ) I found this article fascinating. Many expats in France from the US have long lamented the lack of good Mexican food in Paris. But the new trends to hit Paris recently ( better espresso, Mexican food, and the burger craze ) have changed all that. These 1980s photos of Austin's tortilla factory and restaurant are indeed interesting. You can find many supermarket bakeries making their own tortillas now and a breakfast burrito more common here in Austin in many diets than the Egg McMuffin, often bought and consumed for the drive to work.
Not the experienced wine expert that you are, I actually prefer the Rhone Reds with much of the foods we prepare at home. You should consider sending this to the Austin American Statesman, the local newspaper here. Cicso's is still going strong. The interior has never bee updated and it is still a neighborhood restaurant.

Caleb Hart

I think this would be such a fun trip and experience! I have loved wine for as long as I can remember. My father was quite the connoisseur when it came to his wines. The correctly paired wine to any meal can make it quite extraordinary. Thanks for the pictures !

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