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June 13, 2004



I'm very pleased to discover your site. Beautiful pictures and interesting commentaries - and an excellent choice of winemakers!

Pleased to see Bruno Schueller here, whom I discovered about 5 years ago and who is realy a passionating character making very personal wines.

I love his whites - which we drink very often at home. And I really appréciate his Pinot Noirs - so different from mine in colour and expression, coming from the north - but which belong to the same family of wines with a personality, you love or you hate them - no smooth "pass partout" here.

Perhaps the common features are the practice in the wineyards and in the cellar, as you give them in your texte - then the difference is really "terroir".

I'll come back more often to your webside to discover your "trouvailles".

bob molder

I recently found your site and I really enjoy it. I would suggest you consider a visit to Domaine de Mourchand in the Cotes-du-Rhone village of Seguret. Great wine, great location, wonderful owner/winemaker.


What is Bruno Schueller's email addres?
Does he have any website?
thank you.


No, Carlotta, I don't have other information


Nous sommes membres d'une confrérie de vin. Notre sommelier s'appelle Emmanuel HIEL,; il est membre de l'AVN. Nous visiterons la région d'Alsace avec 13 membres de la confrérie entre le 14 et le 17 avril prochain.

Nous aimerions visiter votre maison le vendredi 15 avril 2011 vers 11.15 heures: serait-ce encore possible svp?

En attendant votre réponse, nous vous souhaitons une heureuse année 2011!

Bien à vous,


I had the Pinot Blanc last night. & thought it was excellent.

Poul Mortensen

BonjourJe peux etre chez vous samedi 4 Novembre à environ 15.00 heures.Est-il possible d'acheter du vin à l'époque?

Poul Mortensen
[email protected]

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