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June 10, 2004


the caveman

nice to see someone else who appreciates Deiss. I have yet to visit the vineyard but have met Mr. Deiss on 2 occasions. Both the Engelgarten 2000 and Schoenenbourg 2001 blends approach perfection... acidity, sweetness, amplitude and above all elegance. Nice site.

Claire Tague

I just had your wine for the first time, a Pinot Gris, 2001 and it will not be the last.
I just read the above discription of some of the reasons for the full bodied taste.
Interesting web site, Great! wine.

tom dimelow

We own a very small riesling vineyard here in Denver, Colorado, USA and would be interested to learn Alsacian wine techniques by assisting during your harvest and crush. Is this possible?


Looking forward to trying out the Reisling!!
Great work on all (from the winemaking to the info on this website).
Very much appreciated.

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