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August 06, 2004



Two days ago at an Indian Restaurant in Oslo - Ch. des Chaberts Coteaux Varoix 2000, red fantastic wine. I live in Sweden and I wonder if you export this excellent wine to any place in my country?

Warm regards

Petter Akerblom

Lt Cdr James Byron


Good Morning. I have recently joined HMS MONMOUTH and am enjoying working alongside Roger Readwin. I am also very much enjoying the Chateau des Chaberts Coteaux Varois Rose we still have onboard... I would like to know, however, if you export to the UK or is there any way I can get some delivered before Christmas (It is so nice, I want some at home for the festive period!!).

Gilbert T. Vasquez

Greetings from San Diego. I've googled a terrific champagne I bought in Paris last year and would like to buy more. I "googled" the information on the label and came to this site. Was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

Champ C. Rocassel
Damery Marne
Le Repaire Cuvee de Bacchus
Cuvee Evenement

Thanks so much for your help. (please write me at [email protected] if you have any link info)

Lowell Lincycomb

I was at your vineyard in 1999 with some of the officers from the USS Inchon. While there I bought 3 bottles of wine and brought them back to the US with me. These wines were bottled in 1995. Now it's 2009 and I have one bottle left. I was wondering when would be the best time to open it or is it to old now. Please write me at [email protected]

john doe

Chaberts goats? are you sure ? Goose?


You're right, John Doe, thanks. Correction made.

max thomas

Dear Betty,
Went to Lords last week to watch a test much very excited to see your Rosé on the wine list and made my day drinking it (most of it as my son was driving).
look forward to seeing you in September with Rupert and Jane ,have a good summer.
Max Thomas

David Tremain

Hello Betty,
I am researching Stella Lonsdale also known as Pitt-Rivers, for a book about her. Sometime in the 1960s she and her then husband Raoul Maumen, moved to a vineyard in Provence referred to as 'Stelladoux'. Since you are close to the chemin de Stelladou, I am wondering whether this is the same vineyard? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated and acknowledged in my book.
I haven't seen your wines here in Canada, but i wish I had! Perhaps the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) could import some.
Best wishes,

David Tremain

Following on from my last post, I just discovered that the SAQ in Quebec has some of your wines, so I must take a trip across the river from Ottawa!

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