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August 03, 2004


Michael and Hope Starr

In September 2005, we visited Chateau de Pibarnon. Unfortunatley it was on our very last day in Bandol, when we stumbled upon it and regretfully only had enough time for a quick history lesson & purchase of 6 bottles (limited per plane trip home to San Diego).
It is the most beautiful chateau with the most gracious host. We hope to return one day in the near future.
The vintage we purchased, "2001" rouge has been enjoyed throughout the year with family & friends & we plan to open our last bottle this New Year's eve. I can not think of a better way to kick off the year 2007!

Eva Bjørvik

WE will try to find this chateau during our stay in 2010. We bought an appartment in Bandol three years ago, and are trying to get to know about Bandol and the surroundings wineproductions. We are Norwegians and love our place in Bandol and the areas around.

Steve Ruegg

Our group from Royal Carribean's "Voyager of the Seas" had an arranged tasting here in late May, 2010. We had planned to taste a few, and then move on to another chateau to taste, and were so enchanted by the wines here, that we stayed and tasted more, and more, and more. What a gem! Delightful wines, that will last for years, and a powerful brandy to finish it all off.

Ken Lutes

Enjoyed a bottle a bottle of 2000 tonight. Can't remember how or where we were so clever as to get it. I feared it might be getting old in our closet so we drank it. It was wonderful. Rich, deep, complex, perfect complement to a nice piece of beef. Bravo.


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