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August 04, 2004


Caroline Brown

I would like to know if there is a distributor in the UK and also if there is a minimum order requirement?

I visited the chateau last week and highly recommend a visit!

i found a bottle of vin rose chateau S. roseline from france 1959 so you think it's still good?

Leigh Harris

We visited the winery in Sept. 2007, and were delighted to watch the grapes being picked. We were not able to visit the chapel but hope to return some day. Do you have a distributor in the USA that we can contact? We live in Tenneessee and cannot have wine shipped directly to us. We would like to find the nearest retail store that carries your wine. We brought back a bottle of your red cuvee prieure, cru classe and loved it!

sharon schlachter

I was recently given a bottle of 1957 Lampe de meduse, can you tell me the value and if it is still good?

Mark Lindsley

e visitedd in Septrember 2008 and enjoyed the wine. Can't seem to find it in the USA. Is there a US distributor?


I was reading some of the comments because I have a beautiful bottle of Vin Rose Chateau Ste. Roseline from 1957 - the wine looks terrible but the bottle and tag are very interesting. Is there some value or should I just keep the bottle for a vase? HA!


pat bailey

not sure about this wine we were on the azraship and found this wine see if iam write chateau sainte margerite grand reserve 2008 provence france i awatie your reply thank you. pat

MIssie McDonnell

I have found a bottle of Chateau Ste. Roseline vin ros,e de Provence 1957. Is it still good? Thank you, Missie McDonnell

Wayne Cross

can you tell me if you have a United States Distributer? I would like to buy your wine


the body looks freaky! what didn't she live sometime in the 1000's! and that is her body lying there for all that time! very interesting but a bit freaky! why is her skin so black? is it the preservatives?

Carvel Gipson

I am trying to find an American distributor for your wine. Can you direct me to a source. I live in Florida and would be delighted to find a distributor in the SE USA.

Thank you very much.

Trish Digliodo

Vidalco SC currently sells Chateau Sainte Roseline in South Carolina. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Jane Buttimer

Is there public transport from Nice. If so, how do you do it? Thanks


Hello Jane,
You can reach Les Arcs by train (regional trains called TER) from Nice, check this page (pdf) where you can see the schedule both ways (scroll down to see the schedule from Nice) :


Mike deluco

I have an unopened bottle of Vin Rose Chateau Ste. Roseline from 1957 complete with the tag and is in beautiful condition. Is it worth anything and if so where can I find the value of this bottle?

Allen McKelvey

I have a bottle of 1969 chateau ste roseline vin rose cotes de provence cru classe. Was that a particularly good year?

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