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August 20, 2004



I will be visiting Paris in November & would like to visit more of the neighborhood places as well as the landmarks. This place looks great and I will try to look it up. Maybe Gene Kunze (I'm also from Arizona, so will have a foreign accent) will still be there! Thank you for the article - I'm very excited about visiting Paris! :D Candy


We just got back from Paris - a man at a wine shop near the Pompidou recommended this place and it was the HIGHLIGHT of our trip. A real local Parisian experience. A gem of a spot. Great wine, delicious cheese plate, reasonable prices, friendly proprietors, great crowd ... I could go on and on. We bought two bottles/litres to go and they were both delicious. A Merlot at 2.80 and Rhone at 4.40. The one thing is that non-smokers are going to have to tough it out with a TON of cigarette smoke. It was a bit rough in the end but well worth it for the overall experience.

Jay Morgan

I was there in October of 1997. Great neighborhood bar. I still have a bottle that I bought there. (empty now!) Most locals bring their own bottles to be filled I found out. Great atmosphere. Meet a Parisian diplomat from Africa. Very nice fellow who live in the area. Just a great experience.

Tsvika (Vik) Silberberg

I discovered this lovely Cave a Vin (Wine cellar) in 1986 when I lived in the neighborhood. I followed my mentor chef Phillip to Paris from Tel-Aviv Israel where he used to reside and he is the one I owe many thanks for introducing me to Le Baron Rouge. During the course of the next few years (while attending cooking school) I visited Le baron many, many times.
Since leaving Paris I always return to visit Le baron every time I am in Paris.
I send many of my friends to visit the place and I must say that places like this are very rare find in Paris.
It is authentic and genuine and offers a great experience for those who wish to know the true Paris.


a truly fabulous bar agree with all the above i went last september on a sunday when we had oysters followed by pork rillettes and lovely wine cant remember what so good i bought a bottle anyhow
and yes the market is great and theres a good baker just close by try the raisin and walnut loaf


My girlfriend and I went to this place last August and it was easily the best place we visited during our time in Paris. The two chaps behind the bar were friendly, generous and knowledgable. we stayed longer than we intended, bought a bottle to take away from their selection of barrels by the door. I gave them the change from a 10 euro note, which they would not take but i insisted. So then when we went to leave, we said goodbye and he insisted that we stay for one more drink as we had not had a drink with him. He knew which wines we had tried (an amazing feat because we had sampled a fair few!!) and suggested two others for us to have. We did, we enjoyed them greatly and went on our very merry way. Another point is that it was empty when we arrived as soon as it opened in the afternoon and was packed by the time we left. A really good place and we will be going again this weekend!


My wife and I went to this wonderful place in February for our anniversary. Being in the off season, it was not very crowded at all. The gentleman behind the counter recommended a variety of cheeses to go with the wine we were drinking. Before heading back to our hotel with our bottle of wine, we stopped by the open air market and picked up some bellota ham which went great with the wine we purchased.
This is one destination we will be going to again!

Anslem Yazzie

I am an old friend of Gene. This is Anslem Yazzie. What's up?

Jan De Saer

Had a great time at le baron rouge, spend my time there last saturdaymorning with my father in law while my wife and my mom in law visited "le marché d'aligre... Great times:)))Great wine, cheese and saucages...

c d b

went there 3 nights straight
and talked with the same people
i met the 1st and 2nd night
i love
i want to rip it off
and make my own


Thank you very much for your blogging on the Paris Wine Bars! I am meeting some friends there this Saturday who are visiting from the US. Your reviews helped me so much in making a choice! Your detail and descriptions make me feel as if I were right there with you!

alan wylie

4 times ive been to paris (my favourite place on earth ) and discovered le baron on my last visit. it is the most pleasureable wine bar in paris. great food even greater wine and a true representation of the lovely people of paris. went in for a drink and nearly didnt come out again...i will be back


My first experience in Paris...amazing . I was just for two days, and I was lucky to met a wonderful person Giancarlo who shows me Le Baron Rouge. We passed amazing evening there, drinking Typical Red Wine and eating fresh oyster...Very nice particular, typical place with nice people, warm atmosphere...it will stay in my mind.
I will turn back in Le Baron Rouge for sure, when I visit again Paris.

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