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October 04, 2004



Hi Bertrand!
I'm glad to know the meaning, Thanks. You said you would come back the end of the Octobre. It would be nice if you took some picture while your business traveling. Take care and Have a nice day!


Harvest is beautiful! I love those grapes.
I will be at a harvest in Santa
Barbara next week. Sanford and Benedict. It is a beautiful winery, made with adobe bricks. The vineyards are the oldest in the area, with some pioneer pinot noir grapes planted by Richard Sanford. He is one of the visionary winemakers that made wine happen in this region.
I have been serving wonderful wines loving turning people on to wine sensations. I have not done the build out yet in my place. I have just been staying open later pouring wine in the flower shop.
It is fun with a great response,
Be well,
Wine aficionado,


Tonight I fell in love with a beautiful Chenin Blanc dessert wine I would say it was worldly satisfying.

Elaine Garry

The wine from this vineyard is delicious. The family who served us are very friendly and welcoming. We have been lucky enough to visit on Easter w/e when they have an Open Day...well worth a visit. Look forward to returning once more!

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