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November 07, 2004



Oh, You are killing me again! I mean I'm so happy to see that bar again. I've had a lunch in the shop when I visited in France 2 years ago. A person took us there. We had oyster and a white wine which Marc Pesnot made. and We had some dishes and wines I don't know the name. I bought a half bottle of sherry for a souvenir of myself as well. I've got a nice impression of that bar. Atmosphere was cozy. We hadn't enough time to wolk around Paris at that time though, At least, We've enjoyed a lunch. Oh, I wanna go to France once more!

Katherine Wells

thank you for representing le verre vole on the internet since they do not have a website themselves. but maybe that is part of what makes the place so neat, the fact that it's a Paris secret and is not suited for the masses. I had talked to cyril about working in this restaurant this past summer but in the end it turns out that he found someone who could stay for longer than three months. but i still absolutely adore this place and one of the most romantic evenings of my life involved wine, gelato, coffee and a rose at this jem of a restaurant on the canal! and you know pierre breton; i've met him as well, but i know Catherine much better than I know him. Oh, it's so wonderful that you know some of these same people that made my summer amazing!

Jim Kargeannes

We made a stop here for dinner on the recommendation of Jon-David Headrick (An American importer in Paris). It's an interesting place - very small, but given over entirely to wine. Two walls are lined with wines available for sale and my impression was that the back half of the space was a temperature controlled wine storage room. The "kitchen" is a couple of toaster ovens in which food is re-heated. Our food was a bit dried-out, but still good and well-priced.
Wine is the centerpiece here. We had a Minervois from Jean-Baptiste Sénat which was quite good. This was actually recommended by Cyril Bordarier over a slightly more expensive Corbières I had seleced. He was right. The wine was great, a good match for the food we had ordered and at perfect serving temperature.
I also noticed that he opens a bottle wine with a corkscrew faster than anyone I have ever seen.
We visited in June and it was quite hot in the shop. The canal near the shop is a gathering place for young people in the evening. A nice alternative to eating in the shop would have been to take our wine and some food to a spot on the edge of the canal for a picnic.

Mary Lapides

Today I found a bottle of Blanc de Noir 1986 I guess this is no longer any good and should throw it away?

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