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November 07, 2004



Hi Bert -

Interesting posts and fascinating to see how a new culture is adopting wine. I love the pictures, too. I will be in India over the next few weeks and plan to seek out wine bars and Indian-grown wine. Check out my blog in early December for the posts!


raymond ringhoff

very interesting to find out that shanghai has more wine bars then beijing. Will that change in the future since wine is becoming a chinese consumers interest. I am very interested in the wine industry in china since I have a wine background from australia and california. Very interested in wine tourism besides anything that is wine connected like wineries and wine bars. Been to china this past summer but not to either beijing or shanghai but to xian. Interested in networking and making wine contacts. I have dual citizenship american born but also australian and plan on returning to australia to live be closer to asia. My e-mail is ringhoff@hotmail Raymond Ringhoff

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