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December 29, 2004


Piotr Cielecki

Dear Sir

My name is Piotr. I am a student from Poland and I am looking for some work in September and October. I spoke to a friend of mine who told me that You may need some workers in your plantation in this period of time.

I am wondering if you need a couple of workers this year. By a couple of workers I mean: me, my girlfriend and a friend of
mine. We all are students in the age of 21.

I would be grateful if You let me know about your decision as soon as possible. Below the text there are our names and surnames.
If you need some more information about us please let me know and I will answer as fast as I can.


We will be able to start work in the begining of September.
I look forward to hearing from You.

Best wishes

> Piotr Cielecki

Brian Kamper

I purchased some wine glasses there when visiting in November and I would like to purchase more of them for gifts. Please advise how to order them. Email address is bkbe@verizon.net

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