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December 18, 2004


Kevin Jones

Dear sir,
I am interested in working in vineyards, I learn really fast, and grew up around farms, I am currently in Europe, and would love to work at the vineyards for a serious length of time, 3 years at the least, I love France and it,s history especially that of Champange and Lorraine. I am 22 years old, and in great phisical shape, I used to work construction, and weather doesn't bother me. Please contact me at [email protected], so I could recieve more information about possible long term employment. I am hard working, and dedicated to doing the best work I can. I await your response. I do not speak French, but am eager to learn. Sincerely, a wine lover, Kevin

Yvonne Claire (de Julien ) Allan

Dear Mr. Roy,

My great grandfather left Alsace Lorraine in late 1893. He arrived at Ellis Island, U.S.A. in February 1894. He returned to France in 1897 when his father died and after the funeral returned to the U.S.A. with his sister. His name was Michael L de Julien. I have been told that in France his name was Michael Laurence Julien. His sister's name was Marie Julien. I do not know their father's name but he lived in the Alsace area and either owned or worked a vineyard. So you know any of the historical legends of the peoples of that area that you could share with me. When I look up the vineyards, I see my maiden name (Julien) but I am not sure why. The only de Juliens I can find in United States currently ar my own family and I am trying to figure out if I have relatives in France or if Julien was just a very common name from way back then. I hope you can help me to piece things together.
Yvonne (de Julien) Allan

MS Jane Betts

Mon ami et moi viennent au loire en septembre pendant des vacances et pour rechercher le travail, nous sommes de 49 ans de jeunes, nous adaptons et très able.We ont eu nos propres affaires en Angleterre et sont alimentés vers le haut avec la course de rat, nous aimons la France et nous allons faire notre nouvelle vie là, si nous pouvons trouver le travail que nous regarderons pour acheter un espoir de propriété que vous pouvez nous aider, nous apprenons le français. Beaucoup de Mercis. Sincères amitiés Jane Betts et le Reich de Paula

RaeGina Covington

Cher Monsieur:

Mon nom est Regine at j'ai un vrai interet de travailler a son ferme-la. Pardon. Il y a long temps que j'ai parle francais mais je voudrais apprendre l'art de cultiver le vin francais. Je sais que il y a beacoup de types de vin francais mais je veux commencer a etudier avec vous dans votre ferme.

J'ai habite en France il y a 10 annees et j'adore le gens, le pays, la nouriture et, a fin, le vin. Si vous necessitez aider y il ne vous derange pas enseigner un etranger les metiers francais, je vais travailler tres bon pour vous.

Merci bien,
Regine d'Amerique



im sending you this mail.. im not sure if you gonna get it ...
but im looking for a wine yard to work at, im from sweden / norway..
and i have a big intresting for wine.. and would lite to now more about wine..

and i mabe hope you can help me...
i will work for free.. if i can have a place to stay at and som nice food =)

please send back a e-mail... take care / daniele

Ailidh Dunlop

Hi there, I was just wondering if you take people on for work all year round? I would love to come and live in France for a time to improve my french and learn all about wine-making and it's culture.
I'm from a farm in Scotland so am very used to all sorts of weather and love being outside.
Thanks for your time, Ailidh

hi our family is learning french languge and visiting in France. we love France and our ancestors were French. We love all regions and will live in France soon.

Belinda Barrett

Bonjour Monsieur,
Moi cousin et moi recherchent le travail en France. Nous sommes deux filles australiennes assidues. nous parlons peu francais, et aurons nous visas fonctionnants prets a commencer le travail en julliet. Nous avons l'experience travailler aux ferms dans la cueillette de fruit de l'australie, l'embellage et tout autre travail general de main de ferm. nous attendons avec interet, votre response, et si tout va bien vous pourriez nous aider!
Belinda Barrett et Jerusha Gurney


Hi Belinda
What you need to know is that many vignerons would be happy to hire you when they need someone in the vineyard for various tasks including the harvest.
_You need a valid work visa or the vignerons would risk big fines if they hired someone without one.
_If you can lawfully work in France, then don't hesitate to call the estates in advance : use Skypeout, which is a very affordable way to call overseas if you call from the other side of the world.
_In many cases you'll have to find your own accomodation for the night. When the vigneron will know you better, he/she may find a room or some place for you to stay. The estates used to let the harvesters sleep in their facilities, but some stupid law edicted a few years ago set quasi-hotel-norms for the harvesters quarters and most vignerons stopped right away to house them (typically french counterproductive laws...).

Jocelyn Jones

I see that you have many postings from people looking to work on your farm. I am equally as enthusiastic and would love to help. Do you offer any positions or know of any contacts?
Thank You,
Jocelyn Jones
Boston, MA USA

Anne Beltran

Dear Sir,
I am a young student from Sout Africa (fluent in English and French) who would love to come and spend my long December holidays working for you in the year of 2009...I know it is very ahead of time but would you be needing anyone by then?

roy hallam

i am a wine student from the uk and looking for vineyard work over the december break.

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