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January 10, 2005



I really love seeing these proprietors and their old cellars. Makes me feel like so many American producers cellars are so antiseptic and blah...


Nice post. How long from Paris? Did you need an appointment or did you just drop in?




3 hours from Paris using "nationales" roads , or about 220 km . You need an appointment for this Domaine . There are only the 2 of them, plus an employee , that's why .


I have had the pleasure of visiting with Catherine and Didier twice, and always try to bring as much of their wine back to the US as possible. They are wonderful people and their wines are very enjoyable. Although they are small and you do need to call ahead, I think the trip is worthwhile. The cave is from the old school and is not the antispetic cellars of many of the modern wineries. If you go be sure to look at the design on the exterior of the house as well!

Benjamín Berjón

I live in Cuernavaca, a small city near México City. Yesterday I enjoy a bottle off Clos Roche Blanche 2004, it is red. I bought it in New York. ¿It is made of Cabernet Franc? ¿Ageging in wood?.

philippe bouchacourt

hi, how funny , i live in mexico city, and i know very well didier and catherine,i worked there for 5 years 1980 till 1985, we are still in contact.
to answer your question, they have different cepage, it can be gamay, or cot malbech,they have some cabernet franc, but usually they mixe it

Where can I buy your Malbec in London please?


Hendri Nagel.

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