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June 02, 2005



Merci beaucoup. Je suis sud-coreen et je suis venu en France pour etudier le vin francais. J'habite a Tours depuis un an. J'ai beaucoup entendu parler de son syrah. Pourtant je n'ai pas encore goute ni vu.

Aujourd'hui, je lis un tasting-note et je vois des photos de Courtois grace a vous. Je souhaite en utiliser un pour mon site pour mes amis coreens.



c legendre

Bien d'accord avec vous, je suis allé chez Claude il y a 4 ans. Quel accueil et quel régal. Un de mes meilleurs souvenirs de dégustations en Touraine. Mes amitiés à Claude.


Do you have any idea whether or not Claude Courtois distributes his wines to North America? I am a Canadian, and am looking for a bottle of the Nacarat for my sister. She fell in love with it in France, and would absolutely love to taste it again. Thanks, Deanne


I can understand, Deanne, I still remember vividly this other day with our bottle of Nacarat (if you find one, don't forget to lay it for a few months)...
I did not find anything about an export in North America. Maybe you should try to call one of the phone numbers to ask (if you could speak french, I think it would be better). You could also ask to Kermit Lynch, they might know.
Hope this helps.

Jenny Lefcourt

We import Claude Courtois' wines to the US!
Jenny & François Selections


Thank you for this in-depth guide to Courtois..... I recently acquired a bottle of Nacarat and no one could tell me what it is composed of. Originally from California, I can truly appreciate the hard work of small wine producers who take great care in producing fine wine.

I look forward to drinking my bottle of Nacarat and will continue to look for wines by M.Courtois.

Fabrice McCarthy
Paris, France

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