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July 24, 2005


David Graham

I received a bottle of 2002 Grand Cru Classe from a very good friend. I have not yet opened it. What can you tell me about it?

Daniel Meehan

Who has the distribution rites in the state of Wisconsin, USA?


Their website does not say anything about the importers/distributors. I suggest that you send them an email or a fax to ask about distributors in your area. Here is the contact page link :


email : [email protected]

Mike Takano

It looks like this was written in 2005. Is Chateau Margaux still open for tours Monday thru Friday? It's our favorite. Any other suggestions near Chateau Margaux? Thank you.

We tried to import a Margaux 1934 to the U.S. FDA(food and drug admin)request a "Prior notice registration number" for custom purpose. (it is a 11 digits serial number) Does anyone know where could we find it? Thank you.

Shin Yoshino

We are Japanese and travelling France from USA. Would it be possible for my wife and I to visit your winery on 18th Thursday?

Peter F. Baekkelund

Regarding the Chateau Margaux 1934. I do have a bottle, so if it is important to you and not too late, please contact me.

Constance Deja

We will be in the Bordeaux are on September 14 and 15 and want to tour the Chateau Margaux. Our daughter's name is Margaux and we will be there on her birthday, although she will not be with us. We understand that a reservation is required.

Joyce Wexler

We would love to visit Chateau Margaux, and I'm writing to request an appointment for two people on Monday, 25 July 2011.

Thank you in advance.

J. Wexler

Cory Hernest

Hi. I have an unopened bottle of (from label) Margaux Maison J.L.Garros Bordraux from 1926. Any information you can send me would be appreciated. Cory

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