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August 19, 2005



Was it really 8pm!? a bottle of Ricard in the picture of top, I like to drink it in summer.

BiBs, A domaine in Languedoc'd asked to my favorite wine shop, What do you get a feeling of that? He'd replyed that it's not good image of it. it seems cheep and not so good taste. the domaine said that they are tyring to change that impage, prepossession. the wine shop sell the BiB of this domaine. I've taste that before and get the nice feeling of it. good quality too. not bad. I think BiBs is good to drink wine with friends. I haven't buy it yet because I wanna taste many kinds of wines, besides in my home, I'm the only person who drink wine. I think it would be nice if there are more BiBs in japan and each ones has nice packages. you know, Design is important to sell things usually, especially in Japan. BiBs can fly out of stores. That's just my opinion though.

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