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October 11, 2005


James McNally

Great article, thanks for sharing your visit with us. You can put a link to our web site if you wish. There is currently no page or section on Disznoko, but hopefully we'll have one soon! By the way, I love your web site, and hope to learn more by reading!


Hello there,
Again a great article on Tokaj. Diznoko is now a professional player in the Tokaj region. Other great ones are Oremus, Kiralyudvar, Hétszölö, Royal Tokaji Wine Company and of course the master himself: Istvan Szepsy
Unbelievable that you were also able to taste the liquid gold: Eszencia. Still on my list.


I recently dicovered a bottle of Tokaji Furmint in my drinks cupboard. Which must have been laying for quite a long time,as it has now changed colour to a deep red. Is it now O.K to drink. Comments please!


I guess, yes !
It's always a surprise when there is such a color change but we hope a good one...

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