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January 15, 2006


Dr. Vino

Thanks for this informative post Bertrand...Maybe your breathalyzer didn't approve of mixing young Cali Syrah with mature Bordeaux?!?! Cheers.


Fortunately or unfortunately, I can't drive. lol
Besides, Japan is small and You could go home by train, if you wouldn't drink till midnight. If you did, well, some of people go to a club and dance or do something to kill the time and get the train at the morning. Some would go home by taxi, but the fare get more expensive at midnight. I suggest this, "capsule hotel", a kinda hotel which we call that way. it's unique, and cheap. it can be cheaper than getting a taxi. I hardly use the way though. I rather go home. :)
see this page below. someone has written an article about the hotel.


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