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March 25, 2006



Nice overview on A & P de Villaine. Any reason why you call it P & A de Villaine? Is this what they call it in France? The only labels I've seen read A & P de Villaine, e.g. http://image.www.rakuten.co.jp/wineya/img1048709286.jpeg

I've tasting these wines, mostly reds, on a number of occasions and frankly have been a little bit disappointed, probably because my expectations are too high. With a name like de Villaine attached to the domaine it is easy to routinely expect something extraordinary. I've found the wines to be well made but not a particularly great value, often lacking the finesse or terroir attributes found in wines further north of comparable pricing. Here, La Digoine is about $ 30-35. At that price here you can find interesting Cote d'Or village wines and sometimes premiers crus from the likes of Giardin, Jadot, Potel, etc. that can offer a lot of character and quality.

It seems they are on the right track though and sincere in their pursuit of expression of site in their wines. The use of wood vessel rather than stainless steel in their winery is impressive, particularly the foudres. Whites fermented and aged in these seem to turn unto themselves to develop their character. I hope they continue on their trend of reducing or eliminating lees stirring. This is an overused practice that rarely "improves" a wine in my opinion.

Please keep these informative profiles coming.


Hello Bertrand - I just wanted to let you know that after learning of your blog because of Dr. Vino's piece in Wine and Spirits, I am completely hooked. In the past two days I have read from the beginning up to this post. At first I felt like stopping my own blog because why bother - this one is so good. Then I regained my senses and simply enjoy your writing and experiences. I enjoy your attitude towards life and how to live it. I also like many of the same wines you discuss. Thanks for the wonderful blog, and enjoy yourself!


judy boullet

Why don't you correct the name of this Domaine. It is A and P de Villaine...This is silly to make such a basic mistake.

Luke Richardson

Whether its A & P, or P & A, who cares? We all know the producer, its a too well documented to make such small accusations. If we were to be of that mind, it would be worth pointing out that you mean GiRardan, Eric, and at $30 you are tasting genius, and also that, Judy, when you start a sentence with the word "Why", it requires a question mark at the end. This is also a silly mistake. Perhaps we should be more broad-minded to the acceptance of human error, especially when it is coming from such a petty perspective. Thank-u, Bertrand, from one wine lover to another. Luke Richardson, Head Sommelier, Three Chimneys, Isle of Skye, Scotland.
PS. If anyone pulls me up on my usage of "u", instead of "you", I did it on purpose to annoy you. Love wine!

Luke Richardson

And, yes, it should read "it is too well documented an estate to make....." Shame on you!

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