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July 16, 2006



You had a wonderful opportunity! I didn't know that the Krug founder was a accountant in a champagne. and it triggered to have his own champagne house. it's great they have many reserve wines.

It was also interesting that new casks have to be rinsed with wine. It reminds me when I've bought a chinese tea pot. It's very tiny. I've taught that it must rinse with tea a couple of time, to get rid of the smell of clay, before using. some of chinese tea pot is made with the clay called tourmaline.

I've also tought to use the same type of tea leaf with the same tea pot, to not get mixed the scent with the other tea leaf's. I mean if you used many types of tea in the same pot, you couldn't enjoy the real scent of the tea. it's ruined.

You are from Germaney

The South of France Wine Guide

Fantastic blog! You really succeed in bring the vineyards to life. We have visited many of the vineyards you mentioned and your descriptions are great.

So keep up the wine tasting and as they say here in France "sante"!


Thank you for bringing the vision of Krug to life. I needed to find historical data for the release of the Krug 1996 champagne. The Launch Party is being held tonight in San Francisco and your blog provided me with some fascinating background information for the event.

mike tucholski

to whom it may concern:

i was shopping at an estate sale recently and i came across what seemed to be an average bottle of champagne. i bought it because i thought the box would look nice in my dining room as a decoration. when i got home i researched the brand and year. it turns out to be a 1966 bottle of vintage krug, still sealed in the bottle with the wrapping. i also found out an approximate value of the bottle, which rules it out as just a decoration. do you know how i would go about marketing this item for sale? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thomas Earl Leonard Jr.

I would like to know what a bottle of 1966 krug champagne is worth. The reason i am asking is because i have a bottle that was given to me in 1997. I was thinking of selling it.


i see so many comments here and elswhere regarding the worth of bottles. Wine as an investment is certainly a reality in the world, but i wonder if these one off bottles couldn't be enjoyed instead of being thought of as income. Certainly, without a knowledge of it's provenence, there will be very few willing to purchase a single bottle found at a yard sale.


Ah Krug. So delicious and so rare.
I have the joy and privilege to be the owner of a bottle of 1990 Krug Clos Du Mesnil. It is to be opened and shared, as all champagne should be, with close friends in a week's time after many years in a Vintec since it's purchase on release. I am confident few bottles of this blanc de blanc remain in Australia and i am salivating at the prospect.

My reason for this entry is to elicit suggestions for food matches. The wine is to be drunk at a catered function (it should be special, no?) and I would like to suggest a few canapes to accompany the wine.

Indeed given it's complexity i would welcome suggestions of pre-wines. I think the pallette will need a little warm up before being introduced to the Clos.


jeri breiner

i can not get the krug website to send a contact email. does anyone have a direct email i can use? thanks, jeri

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