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July 04, 2006


Wine Rack Expert

I have visited this vineyard too. I really enjoyed the wine on offer, thouroughly recommended.

Dave Yuhas

I love the Lazy Creek PN. They also make (made?) a non-vintage blend that was excellent.

There's also another dog that lives at the winery, a retriever that loves to chase a ball.

We visited this winery right after the current owners took over. Purchased a case of pinot, didn't have our checkbook, and at the time they took no credit cards. Their solution, take the case of wine, and when we returned home, send them a check. We did, of course, but where can one find this kind of trust today?


My first visit to Lazy Creek was just the same - by chance. Spent a most enjoyable hour with Mary Beth, just talking and tasting from bottle, barrel, tank. Has become a yearly pilgrimage. The Chandlers are the nicest people. And the Gewurtz ages amazingly well.


The winery was sold to Ferrari-Carano in July 2008. They claim they are going to change nothing. I loved the yearly trips to LCV and seeing the Chandlers. Hopefully it won't change too much. We are heading back in a few months and will see.


Yeah, I read that a few months ago and was sad to learn that they were gone, they made beautiful wines and were friendly, accessible. This was (and maybe still is) a real place managed by real people (and there was a nice dog !)....


I am so happy to hear that the winery is still in existence. I visited when Hans owned it. Sounds as if not much has changed except owners. Navarro and Lazy Creek traded gold medals year after year at that time. Please, Ferrari-Carano, don't change it.

Brendan McGuigan

Amy has stayed on as the Assistant Winemaker, and I trust will keep things true to the way Josh and Mary Beth ran things. The Caranos have made a commitment to keeping things the same, and they are to be trusted. I've been over a few times since the sale, and (with the exception of a new tasting room) things haven't changed at all. In fact, the 2007 Riesling they're pouring right now is probably the best I've had in many years. Still definitely a winner.

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