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August 28, 2006



Sounds like it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! And definitely a destination for wine tourists.

And the Epoisses looks runny and lovely. Where's the direct flight from Santa Rosa to Puligny-Montrachet?

Arnie Poltenson

We love the wines of Domaine Leflaive and plan to visit in May with our sous-commanderie of the Chevaliers du Tastevin from Central New York.

denis lartigue

Je suis un cuisinier qui vit a l'etranger depuis longtemps , je retourne en France tout les ans, quand je vois ce site je me dis le patrimoine gastronomique est toujours la et bien vivant , j'ai soudain le mal du pays .... j'ai hate de sentir l'ambiance de cet etablissement , la selection des vins est superbe et les tarifs tres raisonnable.

bravo messieurs vive la france et les fromages qui sentent fort......

pascal wagner  / EX Sommelier of Olivier Leflaive

cher bertrand ,
voici une belle récompense pour tout mes efforts ! Merci pour de si sympatiques photos et commentaires. Mais rien est éternel , et la Dynastie Leflaive a décidé de me renvoyer , me licencier pour faute grâve;mensonge ; après 11 ans,investissement total pour mon travail et mes clients , amis visiteurs ....et depuis le 11 septembre 2007 je suis chômeur avec peu de soutien et il faut que je sois créatif car je me suis fait humilier et enc.... , je suis tombé en pleine dépression ! J'ai monté cette affaire pour Leflaive , je l'ais fait grandir , la réputation est devenu incontournable , et c'était un bonheur de pouvoir éduquer , rassurer tous ces amateurs de vins mon travail était devenu une extension de toute ma vie au quotidien !
Aujoud'hui, mes efforts ayant généré une telle énergie que Leflaive à finalement acheté une plus grande batisse , il à déménagé la Table d'hôte dans les nouveau locaux ,avec 13 chambres classées ++++ , et moi qui me suis permis d'oser supposer une promotion , c'est terminé par un renvoi ! C'est une des plus grande déception de ma vie !!!!

Mais je profite de mon chômage pour me refaire ,j'ai quelques projets , restons en contact .

Pascal Wagner


I've been there in spring 2006 and I loved it. But I have to admire your pictures, they are simply perfect.


I had a nice visit to this domaine in Spring 2007 and Pascal made all the difference during our tasting. Sharing some brilliant insights and whitty tales. It's very disappointing to hear of his departure from the Domaine.


We visited in May of 2008. The food was fine. The wines were too young to be enjoyed - another diner complained to Olivier Leflaive, who admitted this was true and said they should be serving the 2004s rather than the 2006s, but they had sold out of the earlier vintages. That's a pretty lame reason.

But what was worse, our server, a young "sommelier", as he called himself, was so pretentious that I can say it was by far our worst experience at a restaurant or tasting room in recent memory. This guy insisted on telling us what the wines smelled and tasted like despite both of us saying we'd like to judge them for ourselves, without additional information. Eventually he ignored all of his tables to chat with people who had wondered in and hung out at the bar. This made this miserable experience drag out for-ever. More than two months later, I'm still quite pissed off about the whole experience.


I dont know if i am allowed to say this here but Pascal is still in the Beaune area. You can find him at www.les-caves-abbaye.com I met him recently via friends who are real wine lovers, on the other hand I am a complete wine novice. Pascal manages to make either end of the scale completely at ease telling you as much or as little as you would like to know, his enthusiam and hospitality seem to be boundless. I cant help thinking that although the wines at Leflaives are exceptionally good (I have been and I am learning!) part of the magic is definitely Pascal himself. Abbaye might not look much from the outside but inside it really does come alive and is well worth the visit.

Wagner Pascal

Dear wine friends, since i have stopt to work as sommelier for Olivier Leflaive , i start October 2008 my own activity in a fantastic incredible nice cellar in the center of Beaune . Build by monks in the XIII century , 220m2, with kitchen, wine food and education , fun, conviviality,passion , simplicity and honesty are the gazoline of my life and my cellar is deticaded to that philosophy of life
Welcome , i help every visitor to organise is visit in Beaune , over my cellar i open you the doors of Burgundy like nobody else .
Contact me and be free
Amitiés , Santé
Pascal Wagner

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