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October 19, 2006



That is so cool.


Brilliant post. You provide an insight into the French wine-making experience that is much needed. Here in America, the US, we have no real idea of your country's efforts, your sublime wine-making history. You are making a difference. I will tell my friends of this blog. Great work.


VERY interesting...it makes me wonder if people in the northwest (and especially the puget sound where I live) could take advantage of something like this now to grow pinot noir or cabernet franc. At least its low tech and involves no chemicals...


great article about this brilliant idea....i hope there are some still trying to make it work out in thomery. sure, planes can fly in fruit from all over the world, but can they fly in chasselas grapes???.....seems there is a angle there for marketing the uninqueness. for example if the town is on the map for tourists to see this marvelous creation, then there might be a time and a mind/minds who figure out how to revitalize the system

what does the copper paint on the walls serve to do?

thanks again for this great article and great blog


Thanks for the comment. I think that the copper stains on the picture come from years of sprayings on the grapes.


I am from Thomery (but am now living in Washington DC) and must say that your recount of Thomery's history is very accurate and very well documented. I encourage everybody to visit our village. A few families are still growing some vines, usually for their own consumption but I know that they are also trying to create a museum. My parents and others donated many old pictures, tools and bottles. Fauchon, a fancy parisian store (like Dean and Deluca here) was selling Thomery Chasselas grapes up until 30 years ago.

I currently live in Thomery and have the Chasselas grape growing in my garden. Thank you for this wonderful website that I can forward to my non-French speaking friends.


I will be moving to Thomery very soon. I am very interested to know more about this place. This was a great introduction. Thanks for the post.


Dear Bertrand,
Making a documentary film on the cultivation of greenhouse grapes in Belgium, I was wondering were I still could find some fruit-rooms ... and I found the information on your website.
Thanks a lot.
You'll find the trailer of the film on www.widescreen.be

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