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March 31, 2007


William Patton

Bert : thanks for this discovery ! I will make a point of visiting Estezargues this summer to taste these wines. They would seem to be well worth the detour. Of course they are in a dream terroir and have perfect conditions for vine cultivation. Am I envious ? Yes of course !


Estezargues! I'm sometimes happy that you write about the wine that I've known or seen! I've already seen those wines in my favorite wine shop. They are inexpensive here too. I thought there was a rose wine too.


Outstanding article. 2004 Domaine de Montagnette from this coop is unbelievable. Your blog is one of the few very best.


Salut Bert,
Do you know more adresses like this coop. ? Wonderfully wines !


This Coop is pretty unique, but I have another in mind, that does very good work too (more later on wineterroirs, maybe...).

Steven Osterhout

I will be visiting the area around Nimes March 14-15. Can you suggest how I might visit the cooperative?

Thank you

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