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May 17, 2007


Alder Yarrow



I grew up eating blood sausage, but my parents never told me what it was. The Polish word, Kashanka, never sounded disgusting. I only found out what blood sausage was when I was in my teens - too many years of enjoying it to be disgusted! Thank you for the pairing tip - not your everyday meal here in Montreal.

jacqui muir

Have just finished writing my own blog "thecelticcook" where I have talked, briefly, on black pudding and found it interesting to read of your suggestion of wines. Black Pudding is hard to come by here in the Mid West, but not impossible. I have a bottle of a Pic Sait Loup which I may now try with it.
Have just found your blog and I am really enjoying it. Thanks.


Kashanka comes from the slavic 'kasha' which means gruel/mess/mash xD


I grew up eating "black pudding" in Guyana. There were two kinds of fillings: mashed potato and rice - both delicious. However, in trying to find it in the US, France, or Spain (morcilla), I'd never encountered that special flavor I recalled; that is, until I visited a shop on Rue Dauphine on the Left Bank in Paris and tried their "boudin noir antillaise". The "antillaise" made all the difference. I'm wondering if there is a source from which I can order this product, possibly in the U.S. Or, does someone know the name and address/contact of the place on Rue Dauphine. Thanks.


That could be the Charcuterie Coesnon, see this link (you can see the Boudin Noir on the video) :

Erik De keersmaecker

Fond memories of my granddad's farm in Oppuurs in Belgium where "beuling", the dialect-dutch for boudin noir was made, with blood straight from the pig (this was in the 60ies). We kiddies had to keep stirring the warm fresh blood to keep it from coagulating (if this is the right term?) until the rest was ready. Granddad organised the slaughter, grandmom the making of the beuling. I still love a well made beuling-boudin noir-black pudding. I like it most with a gamay.


Hello my name is joe I have come across a old cast iron double lid cauldron
I'm looking for more information about it , it looks like the old one in the picture .
Does anyone know what year they were made in
Or price ?
Many thanks


I think they were made 50 years ago and you can probably find second-hand ones, just google : chaudron en fonte, possibly adding "Rosières", which is one of the makers at that time.

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