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June 15, 2007


Fred Schilling

nice snap of the vineyard (worker). Are you sure that the areas of the Corton hill that are fallow are as you say? Looks more like upper part of Pougets/Languettes on the right and lower part of Le Charlemagne on the left, to me. It appears that your photograph was taken on the road from Pernand to Savigny-les-Beaune at the bend at Les Citernes vineyard with the tractor in the foreground.

I have found these maps on the kobrand website most useful:

PS Many thanks for the excellent information and photographs on your site


Ooops! Thank you Fred, you're absolutely right! I think we mistakenly thought that we were on the wide side of the wooded hill, when we were actually on the narrow side. Now that we checked again the road we came from, it's obvious.


Bert - I found your blog while researching for my very first trip to Burgundy this coming July. I can't wait to see the places depicted in your photos. I've heard quite a bit of very good impressions on Vincent Dancer (another entry in your blog) here in the US

Your wine stores and Racines wine bar entries are also very informative. Thank you for all these very useful information. I am really excited for my visit.

Best regards,
Irvine, CA

Chris Zoog


Me and my wife are planning to go to Burgundy for 2 days this fall. I am would rather not book a tour and do this ourself with a car. I am struggleing to find out good information (what wineries are open to the public, which ones peopel recomend, when they are open..Sundays,etc). If you had a moment to catch up it sounds like you have done a great trip and I would love to pick your brain. Thanks.


Chris Zoog


Hi there,

I am doimng an assignment on Wine Tourism for the wine regions of France, i was wondering if the global warming has impacted on the vintages of these regions, such as beaune, or bourgogne..


I am from Australia

fred shick

we are planning a trip thru the bugundy wine valley then up to champagne this spring. Is that time better or in september ?


Both season are great, if the weather is good which is hard to predict. In september, you'll see some harvest going on maybe which is very interesting even if the vignerons will have less time for the visitors. I'd choose september but spring is also such a beautiful season on the slopes of Burgundy.


very THANK for photo to enjoy Burgundy, France ...from thailand

Shirley Esther Mpiwa

I am interested in studying wine making, and would like to volunteer at your wine farm for the summer. I am based in Ireland and studying Hotel and Catering Management 2nd year.This would be a great oppurtunity for me to learn more about wine. Hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely
Ms.Shirley Esther Mpiwa

Dean Alexander

Hi, The picture of the canyon is a ancient limestone quarry. If that is Clos de Beze nearby, it may be Gevrey Perrieres, a premier cru. Many vineyards named Perrieres are in old quarries, like Vougeot Clos de Perrieres 1er cru at the base of the Musigny Vineyard. It supplied the stone to build the Abbe de Vougeot.

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