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June 10, 2007



The 100-square-meter in Paris is that expensive!? and The vineyard in Champagne is 18 times more expensive than in Loire!? Was that excluding the fully-equipped chai with the viticulture machines? Wow..
I'm not the person who can buy them though, I really wonder how much it will cost to run the winery after pay 528,000 euro initial investment.


This sounds like a bargain, though I know first-hand how the romantic notion of tending a vineyard can quickly transform into crawling in the dirt trying to avoid one disaster after another. Still...at this price, with a realistic outlook and some first-hand knowledge, plus perhaps an upgrade in the marketing department, it sounds like an ideal investment.

The folks in my office are pooling resources and crafting a plan. Thanks for the fantasy.

Ramesh Vittal

Sounds great, definitely exciting!
I'd like to start a winery in India, anybody willing
to collaborate?

Duncan Mccredie

Ramesh, I have just mived to Bombay and am keen to explore starting a vineyard in India. Where are you based - perhaps we should meet?

Ankush Mittal

Owning a Vineyard and as much as a winery is a very awesome notion and seems dreamy, but at that price, possible.

Currently like Ramesh we are also interested in opening a winery. We are going ahead with or without a collaboration. Though in today's world the brand matters. A simple mention of a french winemaker on our label could double the sales overnight.

For that reason we are also searching for possible partners/wine makers/collaborators. If anyone is interested please do feel free to contact me at mittal0286[at]gmail[dot]com


still on sale?

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