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August 06, 2007





It's always a great pleasure to follow you on your journeys! Once again you've found an original topic and pictures which tell the whole Story. Thank you!

W. Shedd

Excellent. While I've never had the pleasure of watching samogon being made, I've sampled (for experimental purposes only) samogon (made by the loving hand of my friends grandmother) in Kyrgyzstan.


Great article!

What intrigues me about samogon is whether it contains alkaloids as well as the alcohol, and how they are added. I tried a couple of glasses at an inn near Kiev, and was high as a kite for hours afterwards - definitely not just the alcohol content.


Not all Western readers are easily-bored, television addicted drones with Attention Deficit Disorder! Sorry to disturb your safe-stereotype of Americans. I found your story very interesting and enjoy reading about the well steeped traditions of cultures that have been around for a long time.

America also has a very interesting moonshine history dating back to the end of the Civil War (when alcohol tax started) and just as you describe for Russian Samogon the media only reports on the horror stories of lead and grain alcohol poisoining from the same type of bandits trying to make some quick dirty cash.

A friend of mine whose father was raised and lived in Bulgaria most of his life used to make wine and a liquor he called Rakia from the leftovers of the wine production. It was very good.

Thanks for the great story!


Just found this by chance.
Great info. Thanks for taking the time to share it

Forced Gangbang Thumbs

hh... luv it.

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