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August 29, 2007



"Paul Masson, "California Burgundy" (no year) in one-liter jugs at 216 Rbls, Barefoot Merlot, California at 227 Rbls, Kendall-Jackson "Collage" 2002, Zinfandel-Shiraz at 280 Rbls"

Glad to know we are sending our "finest" over there. Seriously, where's the photo of the locked glass case with the real wines?


I'm afraid the Russian supermarkets will not fare much better than our own supermarkets in this regard, Jack, but with the fast-growing pace of their economy they could have more estate wines some time soon.


Experience I made as un interpretor in great international wine-trade-fairs showed, that Russian importers were mainly looking for French wines bottled with "château" labels preferently sold to them for under 1 Euro per bottle.... Even wineries from the South of France, who are looking for mass markets have difficulties in üroducing that, if they are not very big structures.

American in London

I'm about to travel to Russia for a week on holiday, and I was glad to read this post and feel reassured that I'll be able to find drinkable, interesting wines available at reasonable prices. Thanks for sharing your experience and observations.

Alicia Zemer

The mineral water has the Red Star inn on it.

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