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October 16, 2007



Bonjour Bert,
This weekend iam in Paris, do you have the exact adres of the new wine bar ?
Maybe you want to come to Amsterdam the weekend of the 18 nov. My friend and I organize an salon the Vin Naturel, 20 viticulteurs are coming www.vleck.nl
Salut !


Hello Bert,

Thank you for this. I had an email from Pierre that he was going to open a new place. I always liked the Cremerie. Specially de Lardo di Colonnata. His lunch dishes also were great. I hope to visit Paris in the near future. I understood that there was no gas in the kitchen yet, do you happen to know when he will be in full service?

Btw. Is it possible to find you 'asian' writings somewhere? You told me about them at the auge tasting. I'm always gratefull for your blog, one of the few good sources on bio vin.And a feast for the eye as well.

Wine Blogger

Wow, It's on my visit list, which is growing constantly!


Thanks for posting about this, great pictures too!
I will make a detour the next time I'm in Paris, and even better, it's not far from Willi's or Juveniles.

Gabrielle Alicia Miller

I did a basic search on "new wine bars paris" and found your informative and helpful Blog. Thanks to your mention of Racines, I'm throwing an impromptu wine tasting party there this Saturday.

Merci beaucoup!

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