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March 03, 2008



I've been to the Yamazaki brewery before. I'd tasted them straight. There is over 30 years old vintage. Of course, You could taste it. It smelt caramel, and has soft and sweet taste. I also liked mint flavored one.



This place seems popular as the battle of "Yamazaki", which Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI beated Mitsuhide AKECHI. I've also heard of that there are ghoasts appearing midnight.

I was given a 760ml bottle of Suntory Excellence whisky some 16-17 years ago by a widow lady that lived next door to me after her husband died. She said that her husband had received this bottle thirty years prior that that by an army buddy of his that brought it home from Japan. If her information is accurate this whisky was bottled in the very early 1960's, and needless to say I am wondering if anyone can give me any information about this bottle. On the label, and on the bottom of the bottle, it says that this whiskey was distilled and vatted at the Yamazaki Distillery, and I am wonderinf if this means that this bottle of whisky is a blend of single malt whiskies (vatted), or if it is a blended whsiky with a single malt whisky and grain alcohol?! Since this botttle still has an unbroken seal on it, I also wonder if it has any value to it?! I do have the box that this bottle came in, but the box is in pretty bad condition. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get with this bottle!!!


Thanks for the link. Lovely photos.

Thomas Corby

I have unopened bottle, in box of Suntory Whiskey commemorating opening of New Tokyo International Airport in 1978. Any interest?


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