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April 20, 2008


Steve Lanum

Fantastic place! We were there in pre-gaz days and it was terrific. I look forward to someday seeing what Pierre can do behind a stove.

Ed Brown

Yes, a terrific place! I visited Pierre last November on my trip to Paris as a result of reading about him on this site. He was so accomodating, serving me some different bio wines, cheese and meats, but the best was the Lardo de Collonatta (sp)! I'll be back in Paris in October and will certainly be back for seconds!!


We visited in early May (2008) and had a very nice meal. What an eclectic wine list, too! I couldn't resist a bottle of red Frank Cornelissen - a wild, wild wine. Anyway, a great find, Bert!


Very expensive for what you have in the plate (20/10/2009) only 3 red wines and 4 whites...

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