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May 22, 2008


michele colline

Wonderful article, thank you. I live in Montepulciano(SE Tuscany)and follow the vineyard work of the locals(7/10 of a hectare and they sell to the local co-op besides making their own wine) behind our house. Even so, I never realized plowing was so nuanced. Depends a bit on the land I suppose as here the soil gets dry and quite hard and plowing(after the initial Spring one for cover between the rows)is always done if rain threatens...presumably...so it can soak in and not flood down the slopes. I have also discovered that if you have to do any work in the vineyard, try to be the one on the tractor! It is taken-for-granted hard work.


Aww. Good dogg!

Great article. You really captured the life teeming under the canopy. And the wines absolutely cannot be beat.

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