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September 11, 2008



When it comes to wine, there is no ingredient more important than location. The land, air, water and weather where grapes are grown are what make each wine unique. I, as a wine enthusiast, believe that a wine’s true origin should clearly be identified on its label so that I can make an informed decision when purchasing and drinking wine. If you agree with me, you should sign the Petition to Protect Wine Place Name and Origin. By doing so, you are joining a growing list of consumers and wine regions like Napa Valley and Champagne France, in demanding that wine labels maintain and protect the integrity of wine place names. To sign the petition, go to: www.protectplace.com.

Art Valles

I would like to support the Foreign Legion winery by ordering wine, but how do I do that?


It is possible to order wine online to the Foreign Legion but I guess that it is only possible when the customer resides within the European Union. You may send them an email and ask if there's an alternative when you live elsewhere.

Paul LaBonte

I am interested in procurring a case or two of the Foreign Legion wine. Can it be purchased on-line from the US or is there a distrubtor in the US from whom I can purchase it?


Send them an email or call them. Contact page : http://www.legion-boutique.com/info_contact.php

Stuart Edwards

Is it possible to buy your wine in the UK?

Odette ward

I live in the uk and would like to buy 3 bottles of Legion wine, but the order for is All in French . Sorry how do I go about it .

Thank you.
Odette ward.


Bonne fête du Cameroun à tous les anciens.


Somehow I was able to use Google's translate feature to get most of their website into English. I was extremely excited about trying some of their wine until I realized how expensive the shipping cost was (a little over $50 if I recall correctly). I'm planning on joining the Legion later this year anyway so hopefully I'll have a glass before attempting to sign up.

Mr Rod Bedford

I serve 20 years in the Grenadier Gurads, I'm the Chairman The Royal British Legion Somme branch, we are based near Arras, on the 30th June we will have a British Military band beating retreat on the Places Des Hero's Arras after which we dine together at Somme dinner, on the 1st Jult we hold a service at Thiepval to commemorate the French British battle of the Somme.

I would dearly like to serve your Legionnaires Red and White wine.

Could you advise is it possible to delivery 100 Red and 100 White bottles to my home address. before the 3Oth June 2015
2 Rue Des Cordiliers, Mailly-Maillet 80560 Somme France.

John Davis Cox

Can I buy the wine from the US? If so, please provide the details.

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