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January 24, 2009



A bit late i know, but best wishes to all for 2009 !

There's a funny thing that I just noticed about the satellite view of Aluze I linked to (top of the page): if you click 2 or 3 times to enlarge and mouse down the picture to look on the upper left of Aluze, you'll see what looks like a military jet and its condensation trails, caught on tape by the satellite picture...

Michael Weiss

What's the reason for the bass clef on the La Brigadieres?

 Lanoy Véronique

Hello dears

je viendrai avec plaisir déguster vos vins au salon des vins Bio de Montpellier ...
et si non je viendrai vous embrasser à Aluze.
A bientôt,

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