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April 02, 2009


Steve L.

Regarding the comments about eliminating ambient molds and yeasts in the cellar: what a scary thought. That would be the day many people stop buying any French wine. Maybe it's time the INAO was abolished.


always, you visit nice wineries and nice photos!


I remember the first his wine that I've tasted was also Alliance, nice flower painting on the label. Was it Edelzwicker? That was many nice smelling on my nose


Jeff B

Remarkable. Thank you, as always.




we visited mister tempé last saturday
and all we could do was
looking quiet at each other, because every glass we tasted just made us wonder how you could turn grapes into bottled poetry in this rather modest winespot of france

damn, we enjoyed his wines!

HOLDERIED dominiqie

Suite à l'article paru dans le journal l'Alsace du 26 octobre.
Toutes mes félicitations pour le parcours de M. Tempé et sa réussite, néanmoins je n'ai pas du tout apprécié son jugement concernant le lycée de Rouffach (un ramassis de délinquant en puissance), Un peu de respect s'il vous plait !!!

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