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July 06, 2009


Fred Schilling

Another superb vignette, Bert. Your musings are always a great read (not too mention the excellent snaps) and bring the people, places and events to life.

Many thanks
P.S. The dates displayed on some recent entries appear to be getting slightly ahead of time!


Jacky prays wine is one of the nice wines that I like.
I've met Mr Ito several times. He is a passionate wine importer. I think He is kind and friendly. He is a kind of father of my favorite wine shop owner in Yokohama.

Jim Budd

Really excellent article, Bertrand. It is good to see that a few producers, like Paul Buissé, the Bourgeois and Eric Chevallier in the Pays Nantais have this variety.

Craig Heffley

I've had the opportunity to enjoy Jacky's Fie Gris, and enjoyed it very much. Reminded me of a Pouilly-Fume with a touch of honey and floral boost. I also visited Domaine Goisot in 1997 and was knocked out by their fantastic Fie Gris. I enjoyed it so much, that we brought a bottle to Didier Dageauneau who we were visiting later in the week to get his opinion. He was already familiar with it, and had already considered planting some in his "Meteor" vineyard of ungrafted vines. Not sure if he ever did though. Thanks for the great story, and a revisit to those memories.
- Craig Heffley www.wineauthorities.com

Craig Heffley

Asteroid vineyard from Dageuneau, not Meteor.


Thanks Fred, I'm doing my best, but the subject is rich by itself and photogenic ! Thank you also for the display bug (I had seen that before but thought it would wind back by itself).

Hi Hikalu. I met Mr Ito a couple of times over several years but very shortly, seems an interesting man.

Thank you for the tip, Jim, I didn't know about who grew Fié Gris these days outside of the Goisots in St-Bris in Burgundy.

Craig : That's utmost interesting, I'd like to know if Dagueneau made initial moves to plant Fié Gris in his vineyards. I will try to know if a young vineyard is on its way with this variety. The guy was doing so many things at the same time, he may have found time to root this project, and this lost-variety resurrection was the type of thing he would relate well with...

Chris Kissack

The problem with dates may explain why I couldn't comment on this excellent article when I first read it several days ago. A fascinating read, Bertrand, many thanks.

Chris DeBarr

There are also very old pre-phylloxera cuttings of Fie Gris from Chile, where it goes by the Sauvignon Gris name. I noticed that UC-Davis, the best viticultural university in USA, offers to share cuttings of Jacky's vines, those in Burgundy you mention, and 3 old Chilean cuttings.

I've adored Preys' gorgeous wine for almost a decade, and one aspect of the wine I especially adore is the wonderful aromatic quality of Cuvée de Fie Gris.

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