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July 23, 2009


Hans van Dam

Very interesting to read the visit report!

We did visit Simon Bize Estate on Monday 20 th of July 2009 to buy some wines and were able to meet madame Chisa. We received a warm welcome and did taste the White Champlains 2005.

White Burgundy "Les Champlains" from 2005 tasting notes:
Gold coloured wine with lots of expressions in the nose (citrus fruits/flowers). A little more acidity than I am used to with wines from these region. Madame Chisa explains this is done on purpose. It makes the wines more interesting to combine with food. I think it also explains the aging potential of the white wines from Simon Bize.

Hans van Dam


Beautiful report, beautiful pictures- thanks again, as always. Curious- it's clear that Patrick's riding a bike with Campagnolo components, but do you recall the producer of the frame? In any event, deeply inspiring stuff- will find and drink a bottle of Patrick's wine soon.



It was a Q bike, a French new high-end bicycle maker. ( http://www.qbikes.com/ or http://www.cycles-carrer.com/r2sr12/Q-Bikes.html )

Cathy Ho

Bonjour Bertand,

I really enjoy your stories about the wine and the people behind it, and of course your wonderful pictures. Thank you for keeping sharing these beautiful memories with us. Reading your write-ups make me want to travel again.



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