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January 29, 2010



This is the first time to see how to cook beef tongue. I've only seen a sliced one. Interesting!

Tom in Houston

Tongue is a cut of meat I have been afraid to try, even though I usually am somewhat adventurous. Your story has convinced me to try it. Thank you!


I like to take tongue out of the poaching liquid, peel the skin, brush on a mild mustard-based paste and then give it a quick finish in the oven to brown the coating. Slice and serve with extra mustard sauce. Delicious - the only problem is that there's only one tongue per animal!


I'll take your tip, Frank. I liked my semi-improvised sauce but there must be other great ways. Thank you...


Nice recipe Bertrand. I'll try it myself next time I come by a nice lingual piece of meat at the butcher's. Will pair it with a Pineau d'Aaunis from Pascal Simonutti though. I normally prepare it with the classic Madeira-sauce or with light and creamy sauce of sherry and capers. That last one goes particularly well with a Romorantin (Porte Dorée from Tessier i.e.).

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