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January 14, 2010


Tom Fiorina

Your video shot near Saint Romain is quite beautiful, and it does have the same luminosity and eeriness of the film that you mentioned (I wasn't familiar with this director's work, but I certainly think that I would enjoy viewing his films). You just need some strange music, a little dialogue, and you'd be set for Cannes. One question about your video: were you on foot or on your motorcycle when you shot it? I would guess on foot, judging from the speed at which you advance, and the slight camera shake. It's not easy to film as you move forward like this. You're fortunate to not have ended up in the stream at the bottom of that ravine ;-). And around three minutes into the video, we hear a car or truck approaching. I half expected you to be carried off--Tex Avery-style, on the bumper of a La Poste truck. Thanks for your excellent writing and images. They're much appreciated.


Thanks for the encouragement, Tom, I feel Cannes is getting near... Yes, I was on foot, I'd need a better image stabilizator and that would make the trick..

Kenji Hodgson

Thank you for this extremely insightful report.
I find it very interesting that Mr Cossard does not remove the juice from its lees after pressing. Some wine growers who I've met in the Loire (they generally happen to be ones you cover on this website) operate in a similar fashion, and from what I have tasted, their wines don't suffer the 'heinous' effects that the textbooks warn one about if juice racking is disregarded.
One question, do you know if Mr Cossard forgoes SO2 at bottling as well?

By the way, my wife is the biggest Eric Rohmer fan I have ever met. We had to make a special trip to St Jean de Luz just to visit the "Rayon Vert" store. Though we are busy pruning vines in Faye d'Anjou, she is ready to jump on a train to Paris at the first news of a Rohmer tribute screening.


great article again

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