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February 26, 2010


ben wood

Great post! I wonder if anything like that is available in the city?? it's seems like it would be fun to make some!


So sorry for your ancient cheese farmer - I remembered immediately the story you had written about her.

But very pleased, that her disparation inspired you to do your own "affinage" - I had some involuntary experiences with that - as I love all sorts of old cheeses, which go well with my aged wines:-).

But as we don't have a fridge or anything like that, it's difficult to practise - the best climate would be in the barrel cellar, but I don't dare to add goat-cheese yeasts to my natural ones in the cellar...

So once again thanks for this beautiful post - I would have liked to join in for the tasting at the cosy fire-place. And like last time: watering mouth while looking at some of your final refined products:-)!


I'm sorry to hear that. At first, Initially, I remember that you've reported about the cheese she made when I see this post. I've never imaged to make aged cheese by myself. That's great!

Chris Kissack

A wonderful account of your affinage adventure Bernard, thanks for writing it.

mark thomasseau

Great story. I enjoy your posts! Thanks.


I am opening a cheese and charcuterie business and would love to find a clay cheese pot similar to what is shown in the article? Are they fairly common and easy to find?


That's a traditional clay pot with lid that you can find relatively easily in antique shops, on flea markets (at least all over the Loire region) and it's still made here and there like you can see on this page :



Thank you so much for the feedback and the link for the clay pot!

Jack Everitt

Once again, you are the man, Bert.


this is something very theatrical the passing of great cheese makers. i used to go get cheeses from a man who was badly handicapped, his cheeses were probably the greatest stuff, then a decade later i contacted the farm and realized that his wife had been the backstage person behind the genius cheese and she told me he couldn't talk anymore nor get up and i thought about the cheese, she said that a couple had taken over but i've been afraid to stop by...well, frankly i've lived across several oceans during a long period and now i have this idea about one of my strongest memory, i was at the agriculture fair, i was maybe fifteen, i purchased a fresh goat cheese from some very authentic looking farmer looking so different from people in paris i had grown up around and this thing wow it had the effect of one of those shakespeare lines one never manages to forget. so yea, when the greatest cheese maker on earth couldn't come to the phone, i too started making those killer raw milk crottins inside my motorhome on my mountain top in california, the goats the cheeses all this stuff seemed like it was going to swallow me alive it s so much work its live bacteria one has to just keep doing more and more and it was illegal of course so anyway there was this guy from the swamps, he once said, man, this stuff you makin up there is like alligator meat, it s so natural and unreal .... and i thought in some way that these times were already so much past the time of kubrick's 2001 yet we are indeed moving forward in a complete different kind of futurism.

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