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March 09, 2010



Great story, Bernard.


Thank you, Bernard that was a great visit.


Wondering why they rent out so much of their vineyards? do they have a problem selling more? or don't they want to produce more? or not enough space in the cellars?


Hi Jason,
No, they sell quite well and I think that they even had recurrent shortages before they scaled down. It's just that they want to begin to cool down, enjoy life, prepare retirement; scaling down makes a big difference for the work in the vineyatd which is important when organic farming. In these conditions I would worry about sharp price rises but they didn't seem to think this way, the hike will be cosmetic in 2010. But you better grab cases when they pass by.

The cellars are big, I always think that I'll loose ly way if I'm left alone in these galleries (I'll always find my way to the vats if it ever happens, be sure...).

Jim Budd

It is simply I think that retirement is beckoning.

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