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April 27, 2010



great site jean marc! looks like you are doing very well. find me online..say hello to your family for me.

kelley opsal

Great Article! I love your website! My name is Kelley and my husband and I will be in Beaune for 3 days from Sept 8th-11th. I would very much so love to make an appointment to visit Domaine Guy Roulet's vinyard. Any suggestions as to how we can get in for a tasting! Big fan of organic white burgundy!
Kindest Wishes,


Hi Kelley,
The only way is to call them or email them, there's no way around, I think.

Allan Martineau

Just finished reading "Liquid memory" by Nossiter and i am fascinated by Jean Marc's views on terroir. As a recent graduated Sommelier I would be very honored to visit the Domaine . How do we make arrangements???? I am from Canada and will be in Beaune in the second week of August



Just had the 1996 Roulot Meursault Perrieres....it is maybe a pinch behind the Coche Dury version, but less than 1/3 the price!



I need Domaine Roulot´s email, do you have?

Thanks a lot



Hi Fabianna,
Sorry but I can't give more contact info than the ones I display here. You may try to call them shortly and ask for an email.

Dennis Hansen

I once worked with an intern from France named Jean-Mark Roulot. We worked together at Joseph Phelps Winery in St. Helena, California. It was around 1975. I just happened to see the same name in a book by Jon Bonne titled The New California Wine.
Is your Jean-Mark the same fellow?


I think that could well be him, the dates and the winery where he was a trainee, good chance he was the guy you met.

Dennis Hansen

There were a number of other people that Jon-Mark may remember from the period of 1975 or so: Leslie and Bill Phelps, Doug Manning, Evelyn Deis, Larry Curlee, Bruce Neyers, Gary Young, Ollo and John Parker, Bruce Rogers, Robin and Craig Williams

Sunny Drohan

I purchased a bottle of 2005 Monthelie when in Ireland. The wine shop was stocked with wine the owner personally bought.
I would like to know the best time to open this bottle.
Much thanks.

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