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April 21, 2010


luc ertoran

Deux ans que je lis ton blog.
Merci pour les photos et les infos.
Tout simplement le meilleur site sur le vin.
j'espere que tu viendras nous rendre visite un jour a San Francisco dans notre petit bar.
Merci encore et mille fois.


Salut Luc,
Super sympa, merci de ce commentaire... Bien sûr, quand je passerai à San Francisco, Terroir sera une étape à ne pas rater...


Ciao Bertrand,
Nice piece and pictures. I don't understand this piece though 'The vineyars is exposed on yeast and the slope is very steep.' And what do you mean with moving the cask around? Talked to Philippe in Italy at the Viniveri, very interesting though he was quite gloomy about the future of Pinot. It surprises me to hear that he thinks regulation in Italy is less stringent. Maybe in some areas but don't get me started, it is only a matter of time they go the Greek way here............


Hi Martesi,
Sorry for the typo, it was meant "exposed on east" (and not "on yeast")
By moving the cask around, Philippe meant that he just rolled the cask from one side of the cellar to the other. He didn't rack the wine or exposed it in any way to the air. It helped move the lees upside down somehow, but without the exposition to the air.
For the regulations, taxes and bureaucracy hassles, I guess that it takes to start a business in France to realize the scope of the problem.


Aha, that clears it all up thank you. I guess you are right about the regulations ea. Just finished your piece on Domaine Saurigny and the labelling issues are hillarious and sad. Unbelievable that people get paid for coming up with nonsense like that. They are definitily behind the curve and probably 'influenced'by some important groups. Reading those things makes me appreciate the natural wine makers (and the people writing about them :-) wines even more. Thank you.
ps. Do you know if any nice tastings are going on this weekend in Paris?

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