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June 23, 2010


John Roberts

I've always admired your blog, but the discussion of Islamic culture in this article is simplistic and deeply disturbing: "Islam is hardly a religion like any other, it's been associated with lots of violence and killings commited in its name all over the world and although debating this religion's features is considered a slippery terrain, we may be entitled to ask ourselves about the possible consequences for the countries going through this cultural landslide, including for what matters for us here, wine culture, freedom and tolerant lifestyle." Has Christianity been associated with killings and violence? Do poor immigrants really threaten your freedom? No mention of that fact that Iraq and Afghanistan are in the process of being destroyed? What do you mean by a "cultural landslide"?

This appears to be the worst kind of French nativism, and this casts other aspects of your blog, such as your love of "natural" and "indigenous" wines in a different -- and altogether unflattering -- light. In fact, it's right-wing bullshit.


That the zealots of this "religion" threaten freedom around the world is hardly a question, and if you add the yearly body count of people who fell under its name (including their own) I find strange that there are still people in denial of the problem, it’s beyond outdated notions like right-wing or left-wing ( bullshit or not ;-) ). But on the other hand, it’s very human to ignore facts and find their noticing "deeply disturbing", I've read that in the early 1940s’ there were many jews who still thought that they were heading to a comfortable resettlement in Poland after having been packed into cattle trains…

Poor immigrants have nothing to do with this per se, France welcomes more than a hundred nationalities many of these people being poor and playing by the rules. Plus, the most active in this vicious ideology [of islam-inspired terror] are usually not particularly poor, and some of the worst are even European natives, go figure... What we knew as happening routinely in muslim-majority contries is beginning to happen on a grander scale in western countries, see link here.

Long debate, John, we’ll not win each other’s views, when I wrote slippery terrain, I meant it…

P.S. You probably misread my stories in your search for politically-uncorrect sentences, I write about indigenous yeasts (wild yeasts) and not "indigenous wines"...

John Roberts

Believe me, I don't scour your stories for politically incorrect sentences. As I said, I've long been a fan. But referring to Islam as a "religion" or a "vicious ideology" and talking about "body count[s]" while ignoring the fact that there are two wars going on? And you're surprised that "European natives" actively engage in a "vicious ideology" ("go figure") even as you recount stories of how Europeans sent fellow Europeans off to their death in the 1940's?

Have fun with your war against Islam! You are a fanatic, and an idiot!

P.S. The link you provide does not prove that "What we knew as happening routinely in muslim-majority countries is beginning to happen on a grander scale in Western countries."


I'm not at war with anybody my friend, I'm just looking at what is going on and the signals coming from this side are not encouraging, to say the least, with this culture (more a political ideology than a religion, as many say) going suicidal worldwide. (freedom of opinion is still allowed ?).
Debate closed (no more calling names please)


Hi, every month I go to an aperitif organized in a wine shop in the city where I live...very funny! The guests can taste every month the wines of a producer, every time they change wines so it's an advantage for me because I can know new products and taste them before the purchase. And every time I know a lot of people! Last time I knew a scottish boy! I went in Paris in 2003, a wonderful city! Bye

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