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November 11, 2010


Wink Lorch

Thank you so much for writing this really comprehensive report of your exhausting, but stimulating visit to the completely mad, but wonderful Jean-François Ganevat. Having visited him on and off over the years, in his lost village (once I went in the snow, it was fantastic!), but never spent enough time with him (after a couple of hours with him my French finds it cannot cope with his non-stop fascinating and interesting patter), I really do appreciate the work you put into posting this. Thanks especially for writing all about the odd plantings of the outlawed grapes - let's hope the authorities leave him alone for this and other matters. As for his wines, I'm a big fan and glad he is finding customers for them around the world.

Javier Pérez

I just met this incredible guy in Illzach last week, at La Closerie, the Restaurant and Bistro of his distributor in Alsace.

This guy is real crazy on a good way. Really in love with winemaking and has a special sensibility to transmit his way of doing what he does.

It was just a surprise seeing him again in this post! Some would say Serendipity!

King Krak, Oenomancer

Ha! I just bought two magnums of the Ganevat Chard cuvee Marguerite two days ago.

King Krak, Oenomancer

Er, the 2008.


I have tasted the same wines a few days ago, with Fanfan in La Combe de Rotalier. A wonderful moment. I also tasted the white wines 2010 (En Billat, Florine, Chalasses, Grands Teppes), ripe harvested grapes, in october, almost a month after others winegrowers end their grape harvest. 2010 will be a great millesime for Fanfan!

Erik De keersmaecker

I met Fanfan several times in Belgium with his wonderful importer laurent Mélotte and I loved the wines and the man. Thanks for this very interesting article ! A fan of Fanfan (and of you)

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