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April 17, 2011


Ed Ramos

Thanks for this article. Although my interest in St. Honorary is not related to wine-making, I found your article very informative. Your article presents the community in a very attractive light and makes the reader want to visit. When is the best time to go so that it is not too hot and there are no crowds? October?


October is perfect, but september would be fine too, and the fact that the Mediteranean is all around moderates the heat anyway. In October the tourist pressure will be bearable in the whole region, making your moves more easy, particularly when you drive and commute.

christoph streicher

Dear brothers,

my stay on the island is over 25 years ago. I spent a magnificent week at the abbey as a guest. Although there weren´'t any vineyards at the time, I prayed that there will be sometime in the future, because the genius loci longed for it.The dream has come true and I do congratulate from all my heart. I'm looking forward to my next stay on the island.
Best regards and wishes from Berlin
Christoph Streicher

Bengt Hogberg

I've heard that there is a Swedish monk in the monastery. "Fader Andreas" or...

Jimmy Gilliard

The history of Lerins Abbey is fascinating and I so enjoyed this article.
I stumbled onto this website because I was researching my family history which has its roots in France. I am also doing research on a brother called Jean-Paul who lived in the Abbey a few hundred years ago.
I wish you all well for the future

Jose Ramon Salgado

What a gorgeous article, a pleasure to read.
Thanks for your efforts

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