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May 30, 2011


George Wroblewski

Carmel are producung some excellent wines now but they are a very hard sell to the non kosher market. We all need to do more to encourage people to try Israeli wines. The trouble is that all of the tastings, in the UK at least,are for the wine trade, not the general public.

Yossie Horwitz

Great article and definitely agree with George that Israel's main focus needs to be on marketing its wines as Israeli/Mediterranean as opposed to kosher (http://www.yossiescorkboard.com/?page_id=851). I also recently wrote about Carmel (http://www.yossiescorkboard.com/?page_id=1101) a winery on the forefront of this mission, as shown with its recent aptly named "Mediterranean" wine.


Jamie Boller

Thank you for the history. I found several bottles in my grandmothers celler after she passed away this past March of the Rose of Carmel Pink Semi Dry Table Wine as you have shown on this page. It was nice to find out more information.

Komolluck  Tangsongsirisak

Dear Sir,

The label on the front side of the bottle is: " Carmel- The President's Sparkling Wine" FERMENTED IN THIS BOTTLE BY THE TRADITIONAL METHOD . Product of Israel

The label on the back side of the botlle is not in English .

I have 2 questions:
1 . How old is this wine?

2. How much does it cost by now?


My mother and father were given a bottle of Carmel's specially sweet grape wine for their wedding back in 1947. Since they did not drink she put it in the cupboard and it stayed there until she died, at which time I took it and it is now in my cupboard. I was wondering if you could tell me any more about that particular wine. I can not find a date on the bottle, it could be that the print is so small that I just can't read it. But I'm assuming it wouldn't be much older than that.

Komolluck  Tangsongsirisak

Dear Sir,

I am still looking forward for the answers of my two questions I have showed last time. Is the wine in the bottle still OK?

Thank you so much in advance for the kindly help.

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