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June 02, 2011



This winery is NOT located in Israel, it's located in an Israeli settlement built in the city of Hebron, deep inside the Palestinian territory (West Bank). This winery should be listed as part of Palestinian wineries.


This is a point of view, legally speaking, this may not be "Israeli administered" territory, but this is a side issue. Jews were pushed out of town (through pogroms, again) and have otherwise always been living there, they're not foreign people coming out of nowhere, they're just back.

stephen gale

Hebron is a biblical city where the Jewish Patriarchs are burried; Marat haMachpelah; there was continual Jewish presence in Hebron until a 1930 pogrom slaughtered students and teachers in the middle of town.
The signature wine of Hevron Heights winery is named after the cave of the Patriarchs and is an excellent wine
stephen gale

alan  goldman

just drank a bottle of TOKAJI wine from Hebron- very pleasant


Thanks for this article. I will have to try it out. Did you hear about any Carignan plantings?

Asher Ernesto Meng

Isacs Ram one of the best wines in Israel Judea and Samaria is the homeland of Jews. Arabs came later and Muslim Religiin is the youngest of the.tree Mono Theistic believe. The Land belonngs the Jews.

Eli R

How do I get in touch with the winery?

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