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July 20, 2011



Hello Bert,

I know that if you see a wine on a list in the restaurant and they don't have it, or have not updated their list, it is illegal and they could get fined. The same thing goes for cavistes when we place something in the window for potential clients to see and if we don't have any longer the reference inside the boutique, we are breaking the law.

Second thing that your post made me think of is that the methane coming from most animals is not the source of the 'global warming' or the root of the problem, even though the media and government wants us to believe so. The problem is how we feed the livestock, with food (like corn) that the animals can't digest correctly, ending with farts. I recommend you read the book 'le livre noir de l'agriculture' by Isabelle Saporta. I think you would enjoy it.

Thanks for the great post!


Jim Karegannes

I'm always happy when a Google search pulls up on of your post and reminds me to check back in on your adventures and thoughts. Your wine list comments hit home. I'm in the US. The missing bottle wine list comes up often. I use the wine list now as a way to judge how closely the owner pays attention to other details in his or her restaurant. Missing bottles or short list of grocery store wines hint that the food preparation may be on same careless level.
Glad to see our French ambassador at work. He recovered nicely from the surprise of seeing your camera and acted very diplomatic in his discussion on wines. I am greatly impressed at your invitation to the tasting and am glad to see my tax dollars being used for something I can support.
Now I need to spend a little time with the video of Emile Peynaud. cheers


Love the piece about the missing bottles on the list. While I'm not a fan maybe we can convince waiters/sommeliers to give us the next bottle on the list for the same price (assuming it is interesting) or they'l get a good downgrade on the review sites. Sometimes tough measures are necessary. Btw count yourself lucky you can order proper wine for €16.......

Fabio (Vinos Ambiz)

I also drank a bottle of Sylvaner by Gerard Schuller some time back, here in Madrid. Beautiful stuff, very difficult to find here, and I haven't been able to get another bottle. Makes the memory fonder!

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